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About us

Plantled.eu collaborate with a team of experienced technologists, biologists and plants breeders to adapt the perfect LED light solutions for plants growing in greenhouses and indoors environments. Our products are made with a high quality aluminum self-cooling enclosure, modern COB technology with a perfectly matched spectrum for various plant needs. All of this to get a reliable and economical product that works perfectly on high quality, and large productions of crops. Our team of scientists and technologists for commercial applications specializes in planning various light strategies, which is characterized by the adaptation of properly selected spectrum of light to different cultivation conditions. We are providing intelligent solutions for cultivation and light control software to increase business efficiency and crop performance for our customers to build long-term income. Our products are manufactured and tested in Poland, so we are proud that we can guarantee you 5 years of the best product warranty.

Our mission

Serving our customers around the world with the best quality LED light, we ensure that our services are delivered and executed as agreed with the customers. We create the future together with our customers, a common economic and ecological mission, all with strong long-term growth prospects, that are driven by the ever changing nature of the world having in mind constantly increasing expectations of our Clients.